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Any Form2 users care to share their thoughts on the printer

Like to hear how the Form2 3d printer might be working out for any forum members.

I see posts on Gemvision form about F2. Doesn’t Form have their own forum?

Saw the F1 at Maker Faire Bay Area and team some years ago. It was a slick printer but they had not worked out a cast able resin. So I went with B9 1.2


Yes formlabs has a forum, just was curious if I would get any opinions on this machine from gnoskin readers, How do you like the B9?


I looked around for a long time at printers and was tempted by the Form2. But I chose a top down type. To me the advantages include:

  1. No build tray to replace, scratch, cloud up or clean.
  2. DLP projection is straight down so the 3D pixels, the voxels remain cubic, whereas as a Laser beam will be angled from source and need software compensation to say reproduce a perfect square or oval at the edge of a build plate. Shine a torch on a wall at an angle to see what I mean
  3. 30 micron (0.0011811 inch) square resolution by 5 micron thickness adjusatbility
  4. Extremely high build quality.
  5. Amazing resolution on hard resins and still very good with castable.
  6. Very good value compared with the high end names and arguably better built with better components.
  7. Laser focus on every single exposure!
  8. Build time for a tray of rings at 30 micron xy will take about 3 hours
  9. Manufacturers castable resin is just out and fairly priced.
  10. You can buy 30x30 up to 70x70 xy micron resolution models, the latter have bigger build plates
  11. Uses laser scanner to indicate required perfect horizontal alignment.


  1. Smaller build plate at the highest resolution models, but that is common to most printers
  2. xy resolution is fixed and hence so is build plate size
  3. New company
    4 Tank needs much more resin, but it lasts well if portable tank is kept in the dark when out of use
  4. Noisy but very strong motors.

I am not an agent for the manufacturer in China. Whatever your thoughts were on Chinese QA, this is made to Mercedes quality specs and the models are very high resolution. Have a look.