Any artists in my neck of the woods?

Good afternoon Orchidians!

I have been lurking on this list for a little while now and while I
have noticed a few of you are from the Atlanta, GA area, I haven’t
noticed any from the southeast GA area. Are there any of you out
there and if so, what kind of business have you been able to find in
this area? I would like to see if there is a community of art
jewelers out there on the east coast.

Presently I am working on my BFA (two more semesters to go!) and
trying to figure out what to do with it when I’m finished. I am
rather bound by place right now as the kids and the spouse don’t like
the idea of moving. My home studio is growing along with my skills
but the resources for artists around here is still slim.

If anyone has some advice to offer I would be ever so grateful. If
anyone is available to get together over coffee (or hot cocoa) and
just talk shop I would love to do so.

Thanks to all the organizers over this fabulous list! My teacher
recommended it to me a couple years ago and I have grown quite fond
of it.


Jen Meadows in small town GA

Congrats Jen on being near the end of you BFA. Personally I finished
a Bachelors of Applied Arts after ten years of part time studies…
this was a year and half ago, but yesterday I picked up the keys to a
rental spot so as to form a studio. I have the same query as you, but
the location being in Atlantic Canada (Fredericton, New Brunswick).
I, too, choose to be location bound in the end because of my son
coupled with the stress associated with a move to a new city. Moncton
did beacon, and I am pained to not have gone.

As Always,
K. David Woolley

PS I’m going to be moving everything out of storage
today, oy my back is gonna hurt :slight_smile: