Antwerp and Stockholm Jewelry Attractions

Dear Orchidians

I have a free day in each of these cities next week and was hoping
to see some interesting jewelry. I know there is a diamond museum in
Antwerp and a lot of jewelry designers - are there other things that
are a “must see” for a still wet behind the ears jeweler/metal smith?

Any ideas greatly appreciated!

Kelley Keogh from N. Cal

You should go to the diamond museum it is interesting, but kinda
touristy too. I actually did learn quite a bit there because I was a
student when I went. There are so many beautiful jewelry stores full
of giant colored stones too. I remember the Orsini store was my

You should visit the Peter Paul Rubens house and studio. I really
loved the place, it had such and eclectic mix of architectural
styles. The embossed leather wall coverings were still intact.

I haven’t been to Stockholm… yet.



The best jewelry exhibit in Stockholm can be found in Gamla Stan
(the Old City/island) in the Skatskammer Museum where they keep the
Crown Jewels. An unbelievable collection of fine metalsmithing. The
Swedish royalty didn’t have the large gemstones (like the British,
French and Russian royalty) but they made up for it in
craftsmanship. The finest French, Finnish and German goldsmiths were
imported for the purpose.

For more contemporary work there are two fine metalsmithing
galleries in Stockholm:

The Konsthantverkarna gallery on Sdermalmstorg (the island south of
Gamla Stan) is a very successful arts co-operative. Their website: While you’re there continue walking
west along Sdermalmstorg and you’ll find the highest concentration of
small, traditional, family goldsmithing shops and galleries in

The other gallery/studio worth visiting is Platina on Odengatan.
North of the University and Kungsgatan. Their website:

The artist/owners of those two galleries will help you find other

Finally, the Swedish Modern Art Museum and Historical Museum (both
on Skansen, the museum island) have interesting metalsmithing

You’re in for a treat. Sweden is a very beautiful country…with
intelligent and creative artists.

Lyka till.
Ciao. Kim.