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Antifirescale Coating Question

Hi Kevin,

Problem was I didn't have any denatured alcohol. So I mixed my
boric acid with  Everclear that I had left over from the days when
I drank occasionally. So, am I crazy or does anyone else use
Everclear also? 

I’ve work in the liquor and wine industry for over 30 yrs and way
back when I graduated with a chemistry degree. One today, at work the
fire marshal told us we would have to change all the fire protection
within the warehouse because we carried Everclear in something like
190 proof this is 95 % ethanol. So we choose to dump the product. I
took about four 750 ml bottles home and used them with Boric acid for
antifirescale coating; it worked perfectly for this function.
However, unless it’s a “freebee” I’d use denatured ethanol every