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Anti Tarnish storage furniture


Has anyone used Lori Grenier’s (QVC & Shark Tank) jewelry storage
furniture, etc. lined with the anti tarnish cloth? I have a small
one that seems to work, have thought about her larger ones. I like
her ideas but wanted to get some feedback from others.

I live in the cement capital of TX & there is a whole lot of sulfur
right where I do live which doesn’t help.

Thank you,
Sharon Perdasofpy


Sharon- You don’t need to buy special furniture. You can buy anti
tarnish cloth by the yard at any good fabric dealer. It’s also often
called Pacific Cloth. A quick Google search shows plenty of sources.

Line your own cases and chests.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer


I want to second that suggestion. I love silver cloth, and I use it
to cover pads I use to secure pieces in my show displays for travel,
and for storage between shows. It saves me a tremendous amount of

Janet Kofoed


Save your money and do it yourself. Install anti-tarnish cloth or
buy yardage (a. k.a.* pacific silvercloth*) and convert your existing
cases, trays, displays. make bags and insert your trays of finished
work directly. The brand stuff runs about 20 bucks a yard and you can
not only line your storage units with it but it can be cut into
pieces for I have a locking file cabinet that I have bezel strip, &
wire rolls, as well as sheet arranged by type and then gauge standing
in acid free archival expanding folders within the hardwood file
cabinet - I used some silver plated brads and tacked it to sealed
stretcher strips (as you use for carpeting an area) then installed it
neatly against the interior surfaces of the filing cabinet- zero
tarnish in 3 years before having to replace the material near the
front of the draws (where I suppose air gets in easiest…) no tarnish
nearer the rear of the cabinet yet- so 4+ years for the entire unit
replacing the front piece once in that time The only additional step
was putting any metals in their ‘folders’ in anti-tarnish zip bags if
their original cellophane or glassine bags were ripped, too small,
etc. (the anti-tarnish bags are amber /sepia coloured and almost
opaque so they need labelling) but am sure the larger amount of
protection comes from the fabric which lasts as long as the 'fabric
is intact", says the manufacturer. rer,


Thanks to everyone for their input on this. I really appreciate it.
I make an effort to learn something new daily & that’s easy
with Orchid.

Sharon Perdasofpy