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Anti-tarnish silver

Hi Leona, some months back a member (don’t recall the person, but
thanks whoever it was) had recommended the United Precious Metal
Refining ( as a source of the anti-tarnish
silver. We (our students) have been using their silver for the past
four months and all have high praise for them. They cast well and
work like regular sterling. Not soft at all. And they take an
excellent polish. If need be, they can be heat harden at 300C/575F;
but none of our students have found it necessary. On your soft
silver from SWEST, you can try the heat hardening method or use a
tumbler (barrel or magnetic); or use a rotary planisher, or
corrugated bur, or the hammer handpiece on a flexshaft machine.Enjoy.
Min Azama in Tokyo.