Anti-tarnish cloth

All, The anti-tarnish cloth I suggested a few week ago is actually
called SilverShield The manufacturer is Fifield, Inc. you can email
them at tel.781-335-7060. At Hancocks
it is called Silver Cloth they are online at

If there is a sewing machine left intact in this group you could make
pockets, pouches etc. Also in the pamphlet they mention some adhesive
backed cloth for lining drawers and boxes. They warn against using
sulpher based cement or glues. The cloth is “specially formulated to
block harmful sulpher, salts and other tarnish causing elements and
gases.” I use it as a liner in some cute pouches I make. I first used
it as a thank-you to a customer who traveled far, spent plenty and
went home with jewelry in a plastic bag. Now I try to always have
some around. I hate spending money on boxes that are going in the
trash when I can make a useful and appreciated pouch in a few
minutes. Julia… who in going on vacation now…Yeah