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Anti tarnish - (and the last of Old Pickle)

I’ve been making some wire jewelry, and someone wants a bracelet
of copper and brass wire. I’m afraid that the copper and brass
will tarnish very quickly and look unsightly. There are easy to
use liquid dips that work for silver, copper and brass, but I
wondered if there is any way of coating thre metal to protect it
for a long period of time. Does anyone know of a clear, non toxic
substance that could be used to coat the finished article, such as
an acrylic spray? I think a brush -on coating would clog up the
spaces in the wire pattern. By the way you were all SO helpful
in the Old Pickle situation. The reheating and quenching in the
hot new pickle finally worked. A little light sanding finished it
all nicely Thanks again ! Sandra ElegantBee

I wouldn’t worry about the copper tarnishing. The movement and
rubbing against skin and clothing should prevent that from
happening. Lots of people wear them as a supposed help for
arthritis. It would be different if it was a ring or earwire, where
skin contact is constant.

               Darryl     .....tropical Nova Scotia    ..home of

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