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Another tip for resin inlay

Another tip for resin inlay. Ice Resin tends to take a long time to
cure, so it can be an issue and unless you mix it in precise amounts,
it will not cure well. I TA for a resin inlay workshop at Metalwerx
earlier this year and came home with a few tips that made a huge

Use a heat embossing gun or heat gun to pop the bubbles out of resin
before you cure it.

UV Magic Glos by Lisa Pavelka Co, is the best product I’ve seen. $10
for a small bottle, cures under UV light (ultraviolet light), cures
crystal clear and hard. No mixing, you just squeeze a small amount
out of bottle onto your work, use heat to pop the bubbles, use a
toothpick to move resin around to fill in spots, and then cure under
UV light. Use thin layers, and cure between each layer, rather than
one thick layer. Magic Glos does not like water-based products, so
you need to use coloringagents that are dry or non-water-based.
Black pepper and some of the Pearl Ex pigments do not work with
Magic Glos.

If you are going to use photos and images, seal the paper with clear
packing tape or laminate it. Then use the Magic Glos to dome the
image. You can cure Magic Glos in strong sunlight, just make sure
there is no wind, and direct sunlight on the resin ( no windows for
glass block the UVrays). Wendy Jo New is a resin expert.

Hope that helps. I’m really hooked on resin inlay now, for I have
better tools and methods to work with.