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Another tank question - better safe than sorry

I have to admit - I do still have a fear working with tanks… Why
is it that many times after I shut off the valve and completely
bleed the hoses, I go out to the tank the next day and the regulator
pressure is back where it was when the tank was on, even though the
valve is shut? Is it because the hoses were not “completely” bled
(even though I thought they were), or is there something wrong with
my shut off valve?

Hmmm…are you shutting off the gas in both places…at the torch
handle and at the top of the tank? You may not have the nut at the
top of the tank closed tightly enough to prevent some gas from
escaping back into the hose. You could also paint the conection to
the tank with a bit of soapy water, and if you get bubbles, that’s
where the gas leak is. If you can’t close the tank off, return it
and get a good one.


Return it and get a new one. You have a leak. Your vendor should
replace the tank no charge. Karin