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Another scratch problem

I have recently made several pins and pendants with multiple cutouts

  • Celtic style of my own design. I found that when polishing them
    with the buffer using bobbing and rouge there are some undesirable
    lines that have been created in the process. I know that holding a
    piece for a long time on the buffer in one direction will create
    problems like this, but I try to avoid that. Do you have any
    suggestions about methods to alleviate or avoid this? Does the
    angle of the cutout realate to the “scratches”?

Thanks for the suggestions on preventing scratches when setting
stones. I was looking for help on the flat part, not the bezel
itself, as they usually polish up very nicely with the buffer.

Sue Danehy, Virginia

HI: Perhaps you are not cleaning your pieces well enough before
going to the next wheel… You do use separate wheels for different
compounds ? If not get new wheels and keep them separate: Ringman