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Another qtn about chainmaking

I’ve been working through the Stark book – my bible. I’d like
to make a necklace using the side weave double (chain 13) but in
a wider width. The book calls for 18g wrapped on a 9/16 dowel
and yields a chain that’s about 1/2" wide. Any suggestions on
how to change the wire gauge and dowel diameter to make the
finished chain wider?

Alternatively, does anyone have any pattern suggestions for a
wider necklace, say 1", other than the ones in Stark’s book that
require soldering loop in loop chains together?

Thanks in advance,



I suggest that you do some experimenting using differant gauges
of copper wire, soldering the links insted of fusing. A source
for various large gauge copper is a friendly electrition that is
working on a commercial or industrial project. There are usually
wire scraps from a few inches to 2 feet long left over on
projects. If you don’t take advantage of the electrition’s good
nature, the scraps may be free.


rita, i am also into chain making. i have thestark book
order to make the chain larger you need to work on a percentage
basis. if you go to a 16 gauge that is a26% increase from 18
gauge. therefore yo must make the dowel 26% larger. with help from
some tables and my trusty hp , it was calculated that 11/16 would
be the size dowel you would need. if you cant find 11/16 inch use
3/4 and you should be fine. let me know how it turns out. sb

Rita try your local salvage yard, copper wire of all sizes and
lengths are available there at salvage prices.