Another casting question

I found a pyrex flat container which is used in class to clean copper
using vinegar and water. Some student had left the green scrubbing
pad in the solution and wonderful crystals were growing on the pads. I
harvested them into a plastic container and stored them in my locker
to continue growing.

I would like to cast these crystals in fine silver. Techniques or how
to’s please.


hmmm let’s see. sounds like they are probably crystals of copper
acetate which, I believe would be soluble in water. SSSooooo if
you invested them normally, with a wax sprue, then dissolved out the
crystals with water and then continued normally by burning out the
wax . . . . . . I wonder if it would work. The number one rule for
answering a problem like this one is: (ta ta ta TA TA da) LOOK &

let me know if i guessed right. thanks best to all