Announcing the 1999 Annual Jade Festival

Dear CArol, how can you do this to an Easterner… New Jersey… I am
so envious… I would also like to ask if you know if someone would be
selling those dragons with the 4 or many more bells… All of one
piece?? that has been going around on the orchid?? I would love to
own one… Any chance…??? I can’t believe the work in the ones they
are talking about or the time and etc. to carve this… This summer I
actually made a bell… I know I could buy one in the store for ten
cents.==But I had a techer that made one from Finland… All enclosed
no openings…Yeh!!! the softest sound I have ever heard… Lovely…
Sort of into Bells… Any help would be appreciated… thanks PS any lavender jade???any rough available from your