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Announcing Beads, Baubles, and Jewels television show

I thought it might be of interest, since the broadcast possibilities
are nationwide in the US.


Announcing Beads, Baubles, and Jewels, a new television program for
beading enthusiasts! Hosted by leading jewelry-making and beading
art suppliers, this program is dedicated to providing inspiration,
impart education, and give you, the artisan, an expanded means of
creative expression. Highlights include:

  • 49 “How-To” Segments over a 13-week session, with 3-5 illustrated
    courses in each session.

  • Experts in the jewelry-making industry lead the courses, carefully
    providing step-by-step instructions which are practical, helpful and
    downright fun.

  • Topics cover an expanded range of must-have skills, including

  • Setting Stones

  • Using Memory Wire

  • Creating an Exotic Drop Necklace with Wire

  • Fashioning Faux Dichro Diversions

  • Plaiting, Purchasing and Plying Pearls, Pearls, and more Pearls

  • Finagling some Flea Market Fun

  • Knotting Basics; and many, many more

How do you see this program on your local PBS station? There are a
number of ways to assure this program is included in your local PBS
station’s line-up. - Call (link below) or write your local PBS
station and request the program (sample in the link below):

View the telephone listings of local PBS stations here:

View a sample letter here:

  • For you store owners, display a petition in your store requesting
    the program, and mail this to your local station

  • Underwrite the program locally by contacting the underwriting
    department or Development Director of your local PBS station.

17 PBS stations have already seen the wisdom of showing Beads,
Baubles, and Jewels. If you are part of their viewing areas, you’re
already in luck. Let your local station know how much you appreciate
the show. See the stations listed here:

Expand your artistic bounds! Beads, Baubles, and Jewels was inspired
by you, and designed specifically with you in mind. Contact your
local station, then enjoy the hours of fun-filled creative
inspiration. This is a don’t-miss show!