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ANNOUNCE: New Wireworkers Group forming!

I recently received a notice in the mail about the formation of
a new group specifically devoted to people who are interested in
wireworking. Since I’ve seen several posts from wireworkers on
this list, I have received permission from the authors to post
the notice online, but since it is quite lengthy, I’d prefer not
to tie up bandwidth.

If you are interested in receiving more please
contact me directly off-list for a copy of the notice. In the
subject line, please type “WIRE ARTISTS GROUP INFO”.

Please do not post requests to the general list !!! I’m
subscribed to several digest listservs and don’t always read my
messages immediately. Using this subject line will flag the item
for me and I’ll be able to respond faster.



Dianne Karg, B.A.A.I.D.
WRAPTURE wire jewellery
Toronto, Ontario, Canada