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Annodized aluminun & Metalliferous

Thank you Dave Sebaste for replying to my e-mail regarding the
rudeness and unprofessional attitude of the people at Metalliferous-
I was beginning to think I was alone in my anger and frustration.
We probably talked with the same person, David, who remarkably IS
the owner (what a joke). I too called in once or twice with
questions about specs that were not listed in the catalog and got
the same curt response. David, the owner actually had the nerve to
go into the computer when I called them with an item that was
missing in an order, to tell me to the penney what I had spent at
his company in the past year to illustrate to me why I was not
valued enough as a customer to send me the missing item next day and
eat their mistake. I am through with them and am hopeful others
with similar experience will boycott the company too. I know I am
venting but it was a truly humilating and frustrating experience.

only had good times with that business. I wander for hours in the
back rooms, take up a lot of their time, don’t spend a lot of $$$
each year there and I’m always treated with respect and lots of
help.Sometimes I will pick out an expensive tool, only to be
assisted in finding a tool that will do the same job, is just as
well-made and is less expensive. How can you beat that for
service!!! I’m delighted that there is a source like them and hope
that they continue to be available to us all.

Sorry for your terrible experience. You are indeed justified in
feeling that you no longer wish to deal with them. Perhaps, if you
find you need their stock/supplies, tools , you might consider
communicating, in a letter, how offended you were by their treatment
of you. If nothing else, it will certainly let the CORRECT person
know that a serious error in business diplomacy has been made.