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Annie S. Lil' Bench


My work space is one of our spare bedrooms. It works for me because it is all the space I have and I cannot give up the many realms of art in which I create. You can see I have my soldering station in front of the window, My metal stamps in the window box above my hammers, my files and saw in also behind my pin. 3 spools of wire on the shelves at eye level (2 spools of sterling half bead wire and a spool of silver for cloisonne) from Rio Grande.The metal 3 drawer cabinet stores my sheets of metal, spools of wire and clay stamps. On the right side of that station/cabinet, you will see my larger butane torch hose that I store in the closet along with my spools of solders and a metal filing cabinet of silver and gold clay and all my clay tools and kiln. On the shelves are all necessary enamels, beads, findings, tools etc.

To the left you can see my counters and two bar stool stations for beading and bezel design and settings and of course my tablet. On one of the stools you will see a white binder full of wire bezel supplies for soldering. Shelves of ceramics that I chalk, rolls of leather, jute, cotton, rolls of copper for weaving, tools on the counter along with my case of cabs for setting in metals. If you look at that paper plate of beautiful slabs needing to be cut into cabs won in a guessing contest on Instagram from a generous man in Idaho. The second picture of the white shelving and you will see more of Rio Grande enamel supplies on the left side second shelf.


What a cool and colorful space, It just invites one to sit down and create,


Thanks Jim. I enjoy every hour I get in there. Where I live the weather is always nice so you never have to wait for a rainy day or warmer weather. I am fortunate to live in southern AZ



My compliments on your organizational skills.

bob A. DeMarcki


Thank you bob, in a small space you have to put everything back in the place that it belongs or you never see it again. . . After you misplace your tools a few times it gets easier to stay organized.