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Annealing 18k gold with small torch

I work with 18k gold wire, and often have usable lengths of
work-hardened wire left after a project. While I can use those
lengths for some things, I can’t use them for coiling or
wire-wrapping - they’re just too hard. Can I anneal these lengths
with a small butane torch?

Thanks for all your help,
Barbara Lee

Can I anneal these lengths with a small butane torch? 

Yes, I routinely do this with a water torch despite it having a
small, very hot and concentrated, flame that cannot be made bushy. I
use the coolest part of the flame and am careful not to keep it
still. I wave it back and forth over the wire until it reaches the
correct temperature. If you make a little bundle of short lengths
tied up with binding wire it is much easier to anneal the bundle than
a single piece of wire.

Make sure you follow the correct quenching proceduRe: some alloys
must not be quenched, some must be allowed to cool to black heat
before being quenched, and some must be quenched whilst still glowing
a little. Don’t quench in pickle whilst still tied with iron binding

Regards, Gary Wooding


Just try it and see if it works for you. Boracic and alchol fire coat
a good idea. I prefer a kiln for for wire but then it is just sitting
there not being used enough. It would take a lot of annealing to
justify a kiln purchase even if it does do a nice job.

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