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Annealing 10K gold gilled wire

I want to rework some 10K gold filled wire bangles that I made. I do
not want to bring the base metal to the surface and am afraid to
anneal them for fear that will happen. Can anyone give me tips about
annealing work hardened 10K gold fill? I have learned that to solder
this wire without having the solder a different color, I need to
solder the area quickly and not leave the torch on the seam for

Please give us your advice from anyone who knows how to work with 10
K gold fill and 10 K gold.

Thank you,
Noreen Mulliken

the main alloy for rolled gold products is a 70 30 cu zn alloy. This
anneals at a low dull red heat.

How it anneals in your wire depends on the thickness of the gold in
relation to the thickness of the wire You will have this info from
the supplier.

Also how you anneal, ie a large slow propane flame from say a 2in
dia burner is much better than a smaller faster flame. Also how many
bangles do you need to rework 5, 10? if youve lots its easier to
sacrifice one to experimental annealing to make sure you get the
technique right.

Please supply the above We can then look at it again.

When we were rerolling gold filled here at Stuller, we annealed the
material at 1100F in an atmospheric oven. Don’t recall a problem.

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Stuller Inc.

I want to repair a 10k gold band, a wide one, which was cut roughly and soldered poorly before I was asked to repair. I have an acetylene torch with several tips. If I use the largest one, and coat the piece with boric acid/alcohol, will that work? Would welcome any advice-

Lilyoo- 10 kt needs to have not only the boric and alcohol coat but in
addition the seam will need a god paste flux like Handy. Liquid flux will
not do. If you do not have 10 kt solder 14 kt medium or easy will work. 14
hard will be too hard in some cases.
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
-Jo Haemer

Thank you Jo, for the helpful reply. I did repair it successfully. I used Stay-Silv black flux, which I’ve only recently started using; I’ve found it stays put even under longer heat periods. I used 14k easy wire solder. Your input contributed to my confidence; the ring had sentimental value to its owner and had been cut off her finger. Looks like new! Thanks again-

My pleasure.