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Ankle chain

In my experience 10" is an average for an ankle bracelet. Obviously,
there are variations just as there are in wrist dimensions. Good

Nina Leto
Lenina Designs

9" is the usual length for commercially made ankle chains. Joel
Schwalb @Joel_Schwalb

Question: What length is an average ankle chain? E. Dawson Maine
Master Models

Answer: 9"

Dean D Amick
Hamilton Jewelers

Ankle chains ar usualy nine inches in length, but today I had to make
one that was eleven inches long, the young girl in question was not
overweight she just has a big ankle.

Neil KilBane,

I make anklets from 9"-11" for general stock & have made custom
lengths as long as 15" so there can be a LOT of variation in sizes;
young girls’ anklets can be as short as 7". I usually add a 2" piece
of chain on the end to give some adjustment possibilities; with a
lobster claw clasp, it’s easily hooked into any of the chain links.

Hope this helps some,

We make 4 sizes as standard, starting at 9 inches and going up in
half inch increments, mind you I have sold bracelets (7.5 inch) as
anklets and had to make bigger ones (that’s the worst bit - how do you
nicely say ‘I will have to make you a bigger one’) the question is
rhetorical! Andy Parker, Agate House Lapidary Ulverston, Cumbria,
England @Andy_Parker Tel: 01229 584023

what length is an average ankle chain?  

hello e. dawson - well, it depends on whether it’s a chain for
roseanne or sandra bullock. there’s no such thing as ‘the average
ankle’. here’s are some words of wisdom: when it comes to anything
that goes onto, around or across a female, it far better, safer, &
will lenghten you life to have it too large instead of too small! add
a couple of inches of smaller link chain after a 9 inch section & put
a ball or whatever on the end - she (?) can adjust the fit to suit
herself. (just be certain the smaller links are big enough hold the

good luck -

Hello E. Dawson, Ankle chains are commonly sold in 9 inch lengths…
however, just like rings and bracelets, that length may be too short
or long. One solution is to make them 10 inches minimum with jump
rings spaced every half inch in the last couple inches of chain, and
a decorative charm hanging from the last ring. Any excess can dangle

  • rather fun and pretty - or be cut off. Hope this helps. Judy in
    Kansas where the wheat harvest is in, and better than expected.

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
237 Seaton Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan KS 66506
(785) 532-2936

I make quite a few ankle chains for my customers and have learned to
make them adjustable. Most of my customers like the gemstone chips so
I make that portion 9 inches and then make a chain of loops at least 3
more inches. That way they can hook them wherever is comfortable for
them. After remaking a few I hit upon this to save time and make a
happier customer. In fact, most of my customers like chokers and
bracelets to match the ankle chains and I do the same thing on them.
It leaves some chain hanging down but they seem to prefer that.

Back to lurking.
Annie T