Anglo-Saxon gold hoard

Regarding recent discussion here regarding the Anglo-Saxon Gold
Hoard, the National Geographic TV channel now has a one-hour special
about its discovery. It was on last Sunday. I’m sure they will
repeat it, and worth looking for.


Hi Guys,

The following is a link to a small book published about the hoard.

What is nice about the find is that a lot of images are available,
with a size reference.

I’m sure a better publication will come along (although this book is
pretty good) when they have done some more clean up of the pieces.

Regards Charles

I enjoyed this program. Hopefully, we will be able to see more items
once they have been cleaned. One of the pieces shown (decorative end
of a sword hand piece?) had flat garnets without facets, each having
a different geometric shape. Each garnet’s bed had reflective
undercutting orientated in different directions to catch the light to
provide flash. I am assuming the garnet bed had been carved out of
the gold to accommodate the shape of the garnet vs. the inlay of gold
wire being placed to create the cavity. I will have to catch the
rerun to get a better look at it.

I was looking to see if there was picture of the above mentioned
piece on National Geographic’s site and came across a skull with
studded teeth found in Chiapas, Mexico. The article, Ancient
Gem-Stuffed Teeth, stated this was fashionable for men from all
walks of life. You can go to

to see. I love gems, but I would not go that far, LOL.