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Andamooka opal - finishes

people - for some reason i am having trouble understanding why i
should use opticon on a material i have had absolutely no problem
bringing to a super shine polish with diamond polishing pastes. i
got addicted to that red, purple, turquoise & electric blue fire in
tucson last year & been putting andamooka opal-with-matrix into
bracelets, rings, neckpieces, earrings - all with a great shine.
didn’t know i should have had problems so i didn’t.

people, could it be that a lot of us are dawdling along the way to a
project by anticipating all sorts of problems, bridge-wise, instead
of just getting off of our bums, ignoring the ‘henny pennys’ &
getting it done? learn by doing; stagnate by only talking.

life is complicated, simplify your work -

All, To stabilize a porous gemstone is totally up to the maker of the
gemstone. Stabilization is applied to porous gemstones like
Andamooka Opal to stop other chemicals from being absorbed into the
gemstone. A porous gemstone that is not stabilized will absorb hand
lotions, perfumes, detergents, etc. A porous gemstone that is not
stabilized should be disclosed as not stabilized and that over time
the color and durability of the gemstone will deteriorate. I
disclose that natural turquoise will over time oxidize. Over time
means in the lifetime of the original owner. The deterioration I am
talking about is chemical, not mechanical from scrubbing or impact.
Yes, I know that there is some varieties of turquoise that are so
well silicated that they will not react with the atmosphere over
time. These varieties are very rare and for them I give my personal
guarantee on the stones.

Gerry GalarneauDr. E. Hanuman Aspler

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