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Ancient Gold Jewelry at the Dallas Museum of Art

Hi all,

I spent a bit of time today reading “Ancient Gold Jewelry at the
Dallas Museum of Art”. A nice catalog of an very nice collection.
Would anyone in the Dallas area happen to know how much of the DMA’s
collection is on permanent display? I go through Dallas occasionally
on business and it would be nice to know if the permanent display is
worth a detour.

Tom Colson

…who is headed off to Jean Stark’s chain making class this weekend
@ the Revere, and consequently feeling pretty fortunate!

Hi Tom,

Yes, the DMA has a small but fabulous collection. Several years ago
when Jean Stark was here teaching granulation she went to see the
collection. There is an unusual ring that has a granulated "garden"
under the stone (quartz?). Very cool! If you come through Dallas, go
to the museum store and get the book (hopefully it’s still in
print). And yes, it’s part of the permanent collection as far as I
know. BTW, you MUST go to the Legion of Honor to see the Faberge,
Tiffany, Lalique exhibition while in SF. I was there a few weeks ago
(at Revere). Plan to spend at least several hours. Amazing work!
You’ll love the chain class!