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An old film worth watching

This was part of a series filmed in the 1980s by CBC. It shows some
workshops around the world including the workshop where I was
working in 1982, the workshop of McCabe McCarty. It was filmed at
the time I was making some gold eggs and it shows a few seconds of
me piercing an egg and our enameller enamelling an egg. This was
filmed at the time we were also making some Faberge egg props for
the James bond film Octopussy. I have posted this link on Facebook
in a few groups and I thought some on Orchid may be interested in
seeing this bit of workshop history.

Peace and good health to all metalworkers.

James Miller FIPG


Thank you so much for sharing. What an inspiring way to begin the

Thank you James! Wonderful.

Kind regards,

That was very interesting to watch, thanks for posting the link
James. That’s about when I started in the business and that made it
fun as well. It’s great to see inside the shops as we so seldom do
and the some of the pieces were just amazing. The music on the other
hand was a bizarre choice and made me laugh.

One tool I had never seem before was the machine that was being used
to do the precision engraving on the outside of a hand bag and an
egg. The ‘scorper’ was held in one part while a wheel was turned to
move the piece up and down as the graver/scorper was moved forward
to contact it. It was a great tool, what is it?

Thanks again,

I am glad you enjoyed seeing this old film Mark, To answer your
question, the decoration on the gold handbag was being cut by the
engine turner Gerald Mayo and his engine turning machine was a G.
Plant, Straight Line Machine like this one;

and if you are interested the egg section you mentioned was when
Gerald was marking a trellis pattern, this was for me to saw pierce
and used as decoration on the Faberge Eggs we made as props for use
in the James Bond film, Octopussy.

This is the film link on YouTube if anyone else is interested in
watching it

Peace and good health to all metalworkers
James Miller FIPG