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An Observation YAK

Love it, love it!   Y'know Dave, that's probably why I never
find anything. I do my best cussin' in Greek and that probably
locates a previously undiscovered dimension which should be under
the Swiss flag.

Nina: hey, maybe you could teach me some Greek cusswords? I was
born in Athens my dad being in the military and my first word was
"food" in Greek. I have no memories of this but would like to
visit there someday…Dave
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Well! after reading this discussion I am very supprised! And
one can make several ‘observations’ relative to the nature of the
group… Appears that most or maybe all are fighters… I’m a
pasifist(spelling) myself!

Made my piece with the holes and tiny people several years ago!
There is a well defined process . . U MUST LEARN TO SHARE!

When u begin your work or a new job, first u place a stone in an
obvious place on the floor. . . a low drop such that u know the
area but not sure where it is exacally. I usually select a less
expensive stone… they don’t seem to care as to the color, cost,
value, etc.

At the end of the day, quite often I find a replacement stone
one that I had place on the floor before, usually not on purpose.
so we swap, the little people and I … sort of! … Find a way
to make your piece with them.

Its better for all of us … they monitor the forum … u know!!!