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An extensive list of books available for sale

To my valued colleagues Awhile back I posted a short note that I was
curtailing my metalsmithing activities and as a result I had some
tools and many books available for sale. I have just completed
making a list of the many books I’ve acquired during the years
(although a large number still remain to be cataloged). If anyone is
interested I’ll attach the lists to a reply to an email sent to:

For any serious silversmiths among this wonderful group I have some
heavy duty stakes which usually must be mounted on a log or stump.
These are rather heavy so freight may become a prohibitive factor if
we live many miles apart. I’m in NY State. The files you can
download will show the catalog pictures of these items and the

My thanks to all of you who have so generously contributed to my
knowledge and enjoyment of a hobby I have loved from my very first
project. I hope to continue to “work” and enjoy both Orchid and
limited smithing for an extended future. A special thanks to Hanuman
and Charles who have made this all possible. And also to all you
frequent contributors who give so readily of your time and knowledge.