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Amyethst Mines

Hello to everyone in orchid land. We are looking for information
about the amethyst mine in northern Minnesota or southern Canada and
for great wholesalers, shops and rock mines for this section. We are
planning a trip in Aug and our goal is to spend to quality time in
this area. The last time we were up there we found a great shop in
Three Marias and stayed at a beautiful cabin on Lake Superior. The
agates in that area are wonderful. Any and all suggestions will be
eagerly read. We are excited about being on the road again. Fun time
in the summer time. Thanks to all in advance. Pat and


Thunder Bay and the area (just north of Duluth Minn.) has several
mines and shops specializing in amethyst. Do a web query on Thunder
Bay and Amethyst to get a few names. Most of the mines used to be east
of town but there is a new one just north as well (lived in Thunder
Bay for 4 years). There are shops, mines and fee digs

Another plus is the US dollar is worth about $1.50 Canadian so you
get more buying power.

Cameron Speedie
Island Gem and Rock

Hello Dennie, I used to go that way for vacation. Lake Superior
agates are along the lake and in gravel quarries as you travel north of
Superior Duluth. As you go north look for Thompsonite locations.
They are in a small area just south of the Canadian Border. There
used to be a motel called the Thompsonite Beach Motel. They would
help you find materials and teach you a little cutting. North of the
border you can head to Thunder Bay. There are a few mines and stores
in the area. If you visit the mine ask about whether your car can
make it to the mine (unimproved roads and steep hill). Make sure you
wear gloves if you mine. The crystals are very sharp when the are
broken. Most rock is dynamited to break up granite. Good luck and
hunting. Steve Ramsdell

Pat and Dennie, The amythest mine is near Thunderbay in Canada. I
also hear there is a newly opened agate mine up there. I don’t know
when you were up here last, but there is an agate shop called AGATE
CITY in Two Harbors, MN and the BEAVER BAY AGATE SHOP in Beaver Bay,
MN. Both of these towns are on Scenic Highway 61 on the North Shoer
of Lake Superior.

Tim S.
Duluth, MN

Dear Tim in Duluth: We were there about 3 years ago and stopped at a
great store in Little Marias. He was wanting to sell his entire
shop. He took us on a tour of his entire operation which is
something I will never forget. I see that you are in the area and
know what is available. Thanks for the info. We are planning our
route with all the we receive. Since I have a special
love for agates, I am sure we will stop at the shops you
mentioned. Thanks again. Pat and Dennie