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Ammolite Prices

Dear Orchid Members,

Due to health reasons I am forced to sell some gemstones that I have
collected over the years. For most of the items I have been able to
find approximate market prices for reference. However I have been
unable to find recent market prices for some ammolite that I purchased
about fifteen years ago. They are grade A+ (only AA is better
according to Korite grading system) Canadian material, not doublet or
triplets, very fine 360 degree visible color and very finely cut and
polished. One is a rectangle (25 x 20 x 3 mm) with intense
green/orange/red color. The other is a leaf shaped free form (40 x 15
x 3 mm), intense blue-green with minor orange/red highlights. I
understand that Korite is no longer selling gems of this quality and
is setting all of their production, but I am not sure. I have a buyer
who is interested but I don’t want to give away these goods. Any help
in setting an approximate carat or piece price would be appreciated. I
apologize for using this forum for anything approaching a commercial
use but this is an emergency. Your patience and help is greatly

Richard J. Redfield

Richard You might want to try contacting Quality Ammolite
International Box 1342, Fort Macleod AB, T0L 0Z0, 403-553-3565 They
compete directly with Korite. I met one of the owners Renieda Kemp
last summer. She was very friendly and helpful. She could probably help
you with the value of your ammolite.

Milt Fischbein
Calgary Alberta