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American Jewelry Design Council Elects Revere

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AJDC Elects Revere

San Francisco, California
July 31, 2005

The Board of Directors of the American Jewelry Design Council, Inc.
has elected Alan Revere to be its next president. Mr. Revere will
succeed Ron Hartgrove of Houston, Texas, to lead the small but
influential association of professional jewelry designers. AJDC was
founded by Henry Dunay and Jose Hess in 1988. The group includes
many of the most prominent American jewelry designers who market
their work nationally.

Also elected to office were Pascal Lacroix as Vice President, Mark
Schneider as Secretary and Susan Sadler as Treasurer. Past
presidents of the group include Henry Dunay, Michael Good, George
Sawyer and Susan Helmich.

The American Jewelry Design Council is a nonprofit educational
corporation whose mission it is to promote the appreciation of
original fine jewelry as art. With 34 members from around the US,
the group is highly visible in the media, trade competitions and in
retail stores and galleries. AJDC promotes up-and-coming designers
through its annual New Talent Contest. Members of the group create a
themed design project each year, which debuts at the major trade
shows and then travels to museums and other venues. AJDC’s “Puzzle”
and “Water” collections are currently on display at the Gemological
Institute of America in Carlsbad, California.

Incoming president, Alan Revere is a prominent figure in the jewelry
world. He appeared in JCK magazine’s list of most influential people
in the jewelry industry. He is a German-trained master goldsmith, an
award winning designer, educator and author of several books on
jewelry. He directs and teaches at the Revere Academy of Jewelry
Arts, a professional trade school, which he founded in 1979 in San
Francisco. Revere also founded the Contemporary Design Group (CDG)
for jewelry designers who exhibit at trade shows. He is a frequent
contributor to several trade magazines and is currently working on
two books about jewelry.

Asked about his goals for the group, Revere responded, “I am going
to work on increasing AJDC’s presence beyond the jewelry community
and spread the message that jewelry is a unique art form. For over
7,000 years, jewelry has been a vehicle for creative expression in
every culture around the world. And now, at the convergence of
technique, technology and globalism, creative artistic jewelry is
blossoming. It is very exciting and people need to know more about
the art of jewelry.”

For further
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, Inc.
760 Market Street
Suite 900
San Francisco, California 94102
tel: 415-391-4179
fax: 415-391-7570

What a great choice for the community of art jewelers and what an
appropriate acknowledgment for a person who has already contributed
so much to the field. Alan Revere contributes his own exemplary
standards as designer, craftsman, businessman and teacher and has
built a school that passes those standards on to aspiring jewelers
far and wide. His influence thus are more far reaching than most
others will ever be. I look forward to his creative influence in
this new role. Congratulations to Alan and to the AJDC.

warm regards,
Marianne Hunter
Marianne Hunter

Congradulation, Alan. They picked the right Person.

Good Luck, Louise