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American in Italy needs advice


Hi all, I have a girlfriend living in Vicenza,Italy for a few
years. Her husband is in the military. They are outside Venice.
She is still getting adjusted and has run into a problem getting
her acetylene tank filled or replaced. It took them quite a while
to even find a gas dealer. When they did,she relayed that the
fittings they use for connecting to acetylene tanks does not
correspond with the American fittings. Much like how the
electrical plugs are all different. She is left with the option
of buying a whole new tank and torch that is European. Of course
the gas dealer they found,the only one for miles,they described
as looking quite grubby and smelling strongly of alcohol. They
said they cowered behind the car as he filled their propane tank
cause it looked as if he might just blow them all up. So they may
not have been getting the best from this guy. :slight_smile:
Anyone who knows of the area or has worked in Europe,is there
any advice you would give? Any jewelry schools or profesionals in
that area that she should seek out? Thank you for any help for
this American finding her way in a new place.-Carrie Nunes


Aloha, I have a friend living outside Venice. I get my Morano
Glass beads from her. They are magnificent. Anyway her e-mail
is: Her name is Dale and you can tell her that
Karran in Hawaii refered her to you. She is at least there and if
she can help to point you in the right direction she will.
Sincerely, Karran @karran_uhr


Carrie: Regarding your friendf in Italy who can’t find fittings
for her acetylene tank: I saw a propane/oxygen Little Torch
setup the other day which used a standard 20 lb propane tank
(like your barbeque) with a standard acetylene regulator and (I
think) the standard acetylene tips and torch. Maybe your friend
could use propane with her existing torch and regulator if she
can find fittings to mount the regulator to the propane tank. I
assume it would be a simple matter to send the appropriate
fittings to her in Italy. First, though, I would like to hear
form some of our experts on Orchid as to whether there are any
hazards to using the acetylene regulator and a torch set up for
acetylene with propane. I might like to try the same thing
myself here in the States. Roy


The European cylinder valve outlet standards are different from
those in the US. At one time each country had various standards
(someplace I have a set of all the European standards, but
where?). I don’t know what the current status is with the EEC
bring everything together in Europe. One is not supposed to fill
foreign cylinders in the US and SHIP them. Overseas it is best to
get a local source and not fool around with conversions unless
you are VERY familiar with the gases, cylinders and

An Acetylene cylinder Regulator with the correct inlet fitting
is OK for propane. Jesse


yes, my dear, a few things are different in italy.

the acetilene, propane and oxygen regulator and tank fittings
are all different from the standard used in the us and you need
to acquire the proper ones to make sure that (a) they fit the
tank and/or torch you have so you can work and (b) they are of
professional quality so you don’t blow yourself up… regulators
also need to be checked.

you might need to find a better dealer (believe me there are,
all types, smokers and not) or you might need to test the italian
gears and get a feel for it.

all i can provide you from here is the harris calorific-italy
headquarters (welding and gasses supplies) in bologna (but they
have locations in most major cities):

Harris Calorific SRL
Via Nazionale 79
40065 Pianor (Bologna), Italy
tel (051) 77.70.68
fax (051) 77.72.88

hope this will be of some help and insight to you.

buona fortuna!
oakland, california