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Amended: List of Jewelry Photographers


andy - haven’t had the time to follow the thread on jewelry
photographers since i already have one of the industry’s best:

steve meltzer
staff columnist [camera] for CraftsReport
sarasota, fl

i also have a suggestion that in future you add the caveat: ‘submit
your choice but i will decide whether or not i put your choice on
the list’ - because, andy, the list you submitted is neither a “list
of jewelry photographers” - not listing of all those names
"recommended by your colleagues", nor is it your personal list since
you have knowledge of only “some of the names”. had i sent in a name
you decided to omit for your own reasons i would be slightly ticked
to find a partial list based on arbitrary judgment as a ‘registry
fiat’. some of us can tie our own shoe laces & use our own criteria
to make decisions.

most sincerely,