Amazing story

Jeweller creates miniature designs - despite having no fingers

A friend forwarded this link to me about a jeweler with no fingers.

I now feel like a total whiner and slacker.

Jo Haemer

This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

i do my work with one hand because of an unfortunate accident.

I am very inspired after seeing this.

Thank you!


Thank you for sharing this inspirational video. I looked up her work
and it is truly beautiful!

Not even remotely on the same level, but when I decided to go to
bench school at the age of 45 – having never done more than string
beads, adjust watch bands or close a jump ring – I had an old
school eastern European jeweler in town look me up and down and say,
“If you were going to be a jeweler, you would have started way
before now!” I refused to be discouraged and went to school anyway.
I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that I made that decision!
I get up every morning feeling excited about what I now do for a
living! I have wonderful clients who have challenged me creatively
and honored me with their trust. No excuses! No whining! :slight_smile:

All the best,
Donna W
Huntsville, AL

Thanks for this post. It is inspiring and creates a teachable

Grazie, Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan

Oh my goodness, I will never again complain when my fingers hurt. I
guess you work with whatever life gives you, some of us just do it
better. Fingersor no fingers. Janine in Redding still waiting for

For many of ‘us’ who have (dis)-abilities, one little thing is
known, ‘we’ all manage even better with them. I, for one, can attest
to that fact.

I use my Dyslexia to my advantage. I’d hate to be ‘normal’ like
everyone else. I call it the ‘invisible’ problem. I cannot learn by
reading notes, but stone setting is my forte’.

I’m now a post-mature, jewellery designer. After 9 years of learning
to be a setter which then helped me to get my “Guinness World
Record”…not bad for a guy who can’t study from a
book…(dis)-ability? I’m the one who is normal.

So the video on this jewellery lady with no fingers, “bloody good
for her!”. I don’t see her whining! She just ‘adapted’ to her

Gerry Lewy

How inspiring! Thank you for posting this.

Thank you so much for sharing

Donna, when I first went to an art class, I was bless with an
amazing teacher. And she began the class by saying, if you want to
learn about making art, the best place to start is here and the
best time to start is now. That’s good advice for every point of
beginning. And I give it to myself daily. That person who was living
in the past strengthened your determination to continue, not stop.
Congratulations on choosing who the person from whom you learn…

Barbara on a blue sky day on the Island

It is heartening that even missing fingers, it’s still possible to
make jewelry. Think of Tom Herman - he only has 7 fingers, but does
the mostamazing engraving and carving. I can’t match his skill. On
my part, I have no hearing left. I lost some during years of pounding
metal, and now uses cochlear implants to hear. The good side of that
is that I don’t have to listen while I’m pounding away, or using the
flex shaft or more. Here’s to those who are different from the rest
of the “normal population”. Joy

How does one say, “She rocks!” in every language in the universe?