Aluminum working techniques

Amore positive view of utilizing aluminum can be found by looking at
the works of Jane Adam.

Ms Adam works are very well recognised as you can see. I understand
she begins her work with preanodized aluminum stock.

It does require imagination and study of the processes involved. I
don’t know if the scrap that you have is suitable. some aluminum
alloys are not at all suitable.

A very good description of a “home” based semi industrial
description of the anodizing process and aluminum coloring can be
found here:

Ms Adam does a lot more-- and her work and well deserved recognition
shows it.


Davide, I’m sure you appreciate all the technical you
have received. I know I have. It is all sound advice. When I read
your post I thought it sounds like good fun! It’s a chance to waste
metal if you like. I’m sure you will find that sack of objects will
inspire amazing designs. Consider Joe Apodaca’s “Industrial Chic”
collection. Steel washers raised to beautiful fashion style. Takao
Mitsuyasu’s aluminum brooch, looks as if it could be a piece of the
International Space Station. Try anything you want. You’ll soon
discover what all you can do and own the knowledge afterwards. Get
creative with mechanical attachments and enjoy the process. Observe
brick and stone. Note the way nature intertwines. Look at knots of
rope. Follow the link to Jane Adams site. Her connections are
beautifully simple. Pound on it until it crumbles. Bend it, twist it,
and see what happens. You may not like everything you do, but you
might discover something delightful. Oh what fun you’ll have! When
your all done, you might have a sack of beat up objects of little
monetary value, but a wealth of experience. You said someone gave you
the aluminum, so you have nothing to lose! You’ll pity the
platinumsmiths procuring with perfect precision the petite particles
of their precious platinum for prospective projects. “O horror,
horror, horror. Tongue nor heart cannot conceive nor name thee!”
Regards, Kevin… Oh buy the way, did I mention you can TIG weld

Kevin Lindsey