Alternatives to stuller

hi all I forgot the kind of response I get when I post something,
kind of overwhelming. Thanks for listening and taking the time to
respond. in the effort to manage my time I’m going to post rather
then respond to all separately.

For gold and alloy; I use P.M. west and Hoover and strong, colors
and castability the mane factors.

For findings; I use Stebgo metals, Hoover and strong, Esslinger &
co., Rio Grande

For stones; I use Rio Grande, Esslinger & co., Veberod gem gallery,

For tools; I use Stebgo metals, Gesswein, Romanoff, Rio Grande,
esslinger& co., Oakite

P.M. WEST  1-800-999-6836
Hoover&Strong 1-800-759-9997
Rio Grande 1-800-545-6566
Stebgo Metals 651-451-8888
Esslinger & Co. 1-800-328-0205
Gesswein 1-800-243-4466
Romanoff 1-800-545-6566
Veberod Gem Galleries 952-595-8338
Frei Borell as well,  but cant remember the #  [findings & tools]

Hope this helps.
Gold Smith / Diamond Setter
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