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Alternative quality jewelry training


I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I have joined as a member
of the Ganoskin Orchid Jewellery forum for and on behalf of my
daughter Kerry.

By way of introduction I am the proud father of my 23 year old
daughter Kerry. Kerry has in the last two years chosen Jewellery as
her career and I must say her passion for Jewellery is second to
none. The reason for my contact is to respectfully ask you if you
are aware of any Jewellery design and or manufacturing training
course in or around your area.

Kerry has spent the first 5 years of her working life in the
hospitality industry and is now finding it difficult to break into
the mainstream of design and manufacturing of jewellery! Too old at
23 for a Jewellery apprentiship!That said she is working part time
work in Jewellery Design and also Jewellery sales.

Kerry is currently doing a Batchelor of Contempory Art and Design in
Adelaide in South Australia, this course has a component of jewellery
design and manufacturing however it comes a long way short of
satisfying her desire to becoming proficient in the design and
manufacture of Jewellery. Her design and drawing skills are
exceptional! Bias yes but she has a natural design and drawing skill,
she also has very good hand and tools skills!

The reason for my contact is trying to find alternative quality
training for Kerry. Are you aware of any privately run Jewellery
Design and Manufacturing training facility? We have set up a
workshop for Kerry and she has a good basis to back up what she is
learning at here Batchelor’s course… see the attached photo.

We are keen to locate Jewellery training facilities that are outside
our Government system irrespective as to where they are located, in
Australia or overseas. If they exist and once qualified as suitable
we would like to support Kerry in furthering her Jewellery career.

I would appreciate if you know of any such Jewellery design and
manufacturing courses in your area that might fit the above

I appreciate any contacts that you may be able to provide.

With regards,
Ian Fleetwood (Proud Dad of Kerry!)