Alternative for 22K gold fusing

I would like to do some new designs in 22k ,I would prefer to
fabricate the designs however I am not opposed to casting some

My main question is other than fusing 22k to 22k for joining
what does on do for fabricating pieces? I have not seen any pre
made solders avaliable in 22k . .I do most of my work in 14k 18k
and platinum . Any Advise would be appreciated .

Much thanks!

Michael Devlin

Hoover and Strong offers a 21k gold solder that works well with
22k. Daniel R. Spirer, GG Spirer Somes Jewelers 1794 Massachusetts
Ave. Cambridge, MA 02140 @spirersomes


For technical purposes you can use 18 karat solders to join 22k.
Of course it is more apparent when the seam is not hidden, e.g.
on the back of the shank when sizing. You are allowed a certian
amount of solder in your jewelry according to the US stamping
laws, and it doesn’t need to be the same karat as the piece you
are making. In other words, you can use 14K on an 18 karat
piece as long as the amount of solder used is within the
tolerance allowed by law. The amount of solder you are allowed
in your jewelry will vary if you want to stamp your piece with a
P (18KP), denoting the piece is plumb (75% for 18K and 58.33%
for 14K, some jewelers stamp thier pieces 585 when creating
pieces using a higher percentage of gold). For exact tolerences
of solder allowed contact the Federal Trade Commission for a
copy of the stamping law. I believe you can also get a copy of
the most recent guidelines from the Jewelers Vigilance

Larry Seiger

Michael, Hoover & Strong has a 21k yellow hard solder that will
work on 22k, but I have used 18k yellow for years when I ran out
of the 22k that my friend always brings back from Germany. Of
course, whenever possible, I fuse. Jean Stark