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Almost forgotten gemstone setting tips

Here are some new innovative gemstone setting tips developed from
old setting methods:

  • resharpen the high-speed steel setting burr
  • create a diamond receptacle for benches and desktops
  • use the half-round burr for Cabochon bezel frames
  • remove excess gold beside claws in engagement four-claw settings
  • clean customer=B4s diamonds with embedded dirt
  • place an oil receptacle permanently on your bench

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Gerald, You mention resharpening the high-speed steel setting burs.
a good tip. I do have a long standing beef with high speed burs of
all shapes that I’d like to get off my chest. Why are they cut so
badly? They are usually so poorly made and irregular in shape! I
don’t understand what the problem is? Why doesn’t someone make high
quality high-speed burs? I have high-speed sets of all shapes, but
use Busch “low speed” burs 95% of the time because they are made more
precisely. Mark