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Allergy to metals



I have been in jeweler’s school since Oct 3rd 05, part-time. I
developed a severe respiratory infrection on Thanksgiving, and a
renewal of asthma that has not bothered me in years. I am allergic
to nickle. I was moved off of nickle silver the first week due to a
rash under my watch. They use “merlin’s gold” for the work that is a
little further along. I am still on sterling. However, I can’t shake
the respiratory infection completly. Is there nickle in “merlin’s
gold”? Could it be in the air. Is there nickle in hard silver
solder? How can I find out?

Katheryne Klamp



Get an MSDS from the school on Merlins gold, whatever that is.
Sounds like a brass that mimics gold for teaching. Silver solder does
not ordinarily contain nickel at least when we at PMWest make it. I
would be surprised if anyone else uses it. Asthma in my wife’s
experience is tough to shake, even after the exposure to an irritant
is over with.

A bunch of things in a shop could annoy your lungs with asthma.
About any metal or chemical fume at all. Asthma is easily triggered I

Daniel Ballard


maybe you need a better respirator…am I wrong here I use one that
is good enough to prevent me from inhaling metal in vapor form when
casting etc…

An American Cameo Artist


It is a shame that you have developed such an allergy, I think that
practicing on anything but s.s. or gold is impractical. Especially
at the risk of developing an allergy. You might want to call Stuller
or a metal refiner and see if nickel is a standard in s.s. hard

much luck in the future