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Allergy to gold/nickel

Thank you all for your comments. I seem to have a resolution to the
reaction of my beautiful ring with my finger.

I didn’t want to get an allergy test as the tests have always come
out false for me. I assumed that a recurrence meant I was allergic
to the ring which had nickel in it. However, just before I was about
to get the ring lined in 22k, I decided to try the hand cream switch
even tho ‘I was sure it wouldn’t work’. Well, that was it!

There was some reaction going on between my hand cream and the ring
that was causing a rash. I was using Cetaphil. I am now using a
cream I got at craft show and now online. HoneyBee (seems natural
ingredients). My ring is back on my finger and I am using HoneyBee

I am reminded of a fascinating book I read called “Honey, Mud,
Maggots and Other Modern Medical Miracles”.

BTW, not affiliated with any products or the book mentioned herein.

Esta Jo…2 feet of snow and Philadelphia is closed. What wusses!

Esta Jo Schifter
Shifting Metal

Esta Jo..2 feet of snow and Philadelphia is closed. What wusses! 

Actually, no because in these old east coast towns things are
narrower steeper and sometimes quite treacherous. Things like
cobblestone roads are a nightmare in winter. So before yee judge
live in a world where you stair cases and doorways were built by
people much shorter on average and where city planning was I claim
this spot and I am building it the way I want to. MYSELF.

These charming historical towns are quite a survival tale and no
normally I would not defend Philadelphia. See I live in Pittsburgh,
PA and well we all grew up on the east coast and especially in PA
hearing how wonderful the capitol city of PA was. Philadelphia…
gritting teeth replying he capitol is HARRISBURG lmao

love from the east coast a Nor Easter survivor at age 8 caught out in
a blizzard. a true white out.

Teri Davis enjoying this warm winter

Glad your mystery was solved and you can wear your ring. Judy in
Kansas, where the day promises to be positively spring-like. A bit
of relief.