Allergy Question

I am a newbie to this list and am thankful I joined because all of
you are very helpful and informative. Even though I consider myself
more of a hobbyist than a professional, I have come across this
problem a number of times and I hope one of you can help me with it.
Many metals, with the exception of sterling silver and gold (pure
gold, not gold filled or plated), cause an allergic reaction on the
skin where the jewelry is worn. I know I get a very bad rash when I
come in contact with these metals. Even metals listed as
“hypoallergenic” or surgical steel cause these types of reactions.
Is there a certain type of metal or element in the jewelry that is
problematic? I know this isn’t a small problem from the number of
people I’ve come across who have had the same types of reactions.
Any help on this would be appreciated. Thank you.

Cat DeNigris

Hi Cat The answer to your question is yes and the culprit is nickel.
From what I understand, about 20% of women are allergic to it.
Reactions range from minor irritation & swelling to a pretty severe
rash and possible infection.

Platinum and nickel-free karat gold alloys are the best solutions.
Some people can tolerate 18k gold, depending on the level of
sensitivity. From personal experience, I can tell you that degree of
sensitivity can increase over time, although I can’t offer an
explanation as to why that is the case.

Jeanette Kekahbah

    Is there a certain type of metal or element in the jewelry
that is problematic/ 

When it comes to allergic sensitivity to metals, one of the biggest
offenders is nickel. If it is used in any white metal alloy it can
cause a reaction on the skin of a sensitive wearer. Several
countries prohibit the use of nickel in white gold, and instead use
palladium , which may be more expensive but is unlikely to cause
skin rashes.


Coat your jewerly with clear nail polish before wearing or use
allergy cream in the affected area before putting on Jewelery

Hi Cat I have worked extensively with non-allergenic earrings and the
culprit here is nickel. Nickel is some form or another seems to be
an element in a great deal of the materials we come into contact
with every day. Nickel Dermitas is some form or another is present
in about 25% of the female population. Your best bet when shopping
for costume jewelry is to look for jewelry that are plated with a
Palladium Substrate. I have a web site
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PS. you can buy a test kit that will show the presence of Nickel in
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