All Metals Saw

Does the All Metals Saw have an RPM adjustment or is it just one
speed. If so, what RPM does it run at? I would imagine that if
it’s not adjustable that it could cause some problems when cutting
silver or stainless.

The Jump Ringer All Metals Saw has a built in single speed motor
which is geared down to 200 RPM. The result is great torque and a
speed that will cut soft metals such as silver and copper as well as
hard tough metals such as stainless steel and titanium. Incidentally,
if you use stainless steel, we recommend #303 soft. It machines more
easily than #304. We’ve made some significant improvements to the
first version and expect our dealers to have the new ones by Dec. 1

Ray Grossman
Ray Grossman Inc.
Manufacturers of Jump Ringer products

Hello all,

I have been trying to get an All Metals Saw through Indian Jewlers
Supply Co. for a good long time now. Does anyone have any suggestions
as to how to aquire one, and a source for replacement saw blades?



I could not find a saw on the Indian site, these are the only 2 I
know of and a source for blades.

Items 42307 and 93211

I will not be able to send a link for the blades, Enco is off line
right now. Enco carries blades from 1 inch to 6 inch diameter with
mounting holes from 1/4 to 1 inch for jewelers and the price is very

That covers circular type, if you were looking for this type

It will use the standard jeweler handsaw blades. It does not require
pinned blades

Sorry other than these I don’t know of another type except handsaws


Try Ray Grossman he makes it. 516-333-9147

Thank you, Bill, Deborah, Michele & Sarah
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc.

800/876-3434 - 928/634-3434 - F928/634-6734

We discontinued manufacturing the All Metals Saw quite some time ago.
Indian Jewelers Supply is one of our valued distributors but
unfortunately, there are none left in disatributors’ inventories.
The good news is two fold: First, because of our policy to support
all our products both current and discontinued, replacement blades
are available from Indian and our other distributors. Second, we are
currently developing a replacement for the All Metals Saw. It will
be far superior to it and will be called “Jump Ringer Mk II”. It
should be in distributors’ inventories by Jan. 1, 2007. Look for it.
You will be amazed!

Ray Grossman

Please note we’ve moved. The new number is 781-595-4848

For All Metals Saw replacement blades call

Indian Jewelers Supply… 800-545-6540
Rio Grande… 800-545-6566
Gesswein & Co… 800-243-4466

Ray Grossman

Thank you all. (Neat tools there Terry!)

I started my quest for an all metals saw in January of 2004, and
finally emailed IJSC in November of that year. The release date of
the new version kept getting pushed back and back… (now to January
2007 I hear). From what I have seen of the previous versions, I am
quite looking forward to getting one of the new ones, though when I
started looking, I was at the stage where having that tool was no
longer really optional, it was a requirement.

I guess, I’ll just have to keep hounding the suppliers/creator for
another year untill it’s in my hands!

(Another 8 months!..=)


From time to time we’ve had inquiries about our discontinued All
Metals Saw (AMS). The tool is self contained with its own 120V motor
and will repetitively cut tubing and sheet stock to length. It will
cut any metal from soft copper to stainless steel and titanium.

One of our dealers has just informed me that, while taking
inventory, he discovered he had one left in stock. As far as I know,
it’s the only new one known to exist. Because of our policy to
support the users of our products, even discontinued items, we
maintain an inventory of AMS replacement blades which are always
available from our distributors.

If interested please contact our dealer directly:

Lonnie’s Inc.
1436 North 44 Street
Phoenix AZ 85008
Tel: 602-220-0494
Fax: 602-220-0498

Please address your inquiry to my good friend, Lonnie.

Ray Grossman
Ray Grossman Inc.