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All diamond ring

The World’s First Ever All-Diamond Ring

At the risk of seeming like a big fat party pooper… what’s the
point of this ring? Why waste all the diamond that’ll be hidden by
the fingers? I actually find it pretty ugly. It seems like it’s just
another way for someone to show that they have an enormous amount of
money to waste on very expensive crap. Oh…I guess I just answered
my first question. :confused:

Yes, I would far rather that people waste their money on my crap
lololol. Sometimes jewelry is made that will never be worn. Just
because it is interesting to do so. It’s not my money; it’s not my
time; it’s their business. Barbara on a hot day when she found that
the one fox has now turned into three. Like the broom in the
Sorceror’s Apprentice? next year nine? Then 27?

Eleanor, Maybe its a matter of personal taste ? Some could say why
waste all that time & effort spent on items being produced by
students or independent small jewelers through out the world. I want
to challenge you to consider ? What about the engineering behind the
cutting of the diamond crystal ? Some artist jewelers have not
studied enough math skills to make change after selling one of their
"art pieces " let alone the mathematics it probably takes to design
a cut for a gemstone. What about the skills to build the machine or
the lap to cut and polish. My opinion is reserved to pay a compliment
to something that must have been extremely difficult to achieve it
takes the dedication of a lifetime to cut any diamond well -goo

Instead of criticising this ‘all diamond’ ring. You know why, as
reported by Gustavo Hoefs? It’s because they can, and the great
diamond cutters of today subsequently did it. Imagine what other
future accomplishments will come from this fantastic engineering
feat in the years to come. If you don’t experiment, the jewellery
trade just won’t advance. “Tip-of-the-hat” to those who thought of it
and ignored the naysayers then did it!!..Gerry!

Well, I am from nowhere doing pretty much unamazing things…that
I love to do but, still a hack in comparison to most.

That ring is unbelievable. I had to go look it up because I did not
know what everyone was talking about. I don’t even care what it
looks like. It’s an amazing feat to do something no one has ever
done before. Just that is amazing in itself and deserves respect. I
would love to see some video footage of the process!!!

The engineering, the skill, the knowledge, the RISK($), wow. I am
amazed here in little rural cowtown Wisconsin.

How will I ever live long enough to learn what I need to learn tobe
any good? I will just keep working and practicing I guess.

Hats off to The All Diamond Ring.
:slight_smile: joy kruse

The making of it is not that difficult with the right tools, I would
assume it is cut by laser. Many diamonds are faceted by laser these
days, more precise than grinding and better use of the rough
material. I reckon this big diamond had a sizeable flaw in the
middle so someone decided to give it a go and cut it as a ring rather
than a series of smaller stones. It is the original thought that
deserves praise.

Nick Royall


I agree that it must have taken a lot of effort to design and cut
that diamond and yes, I know I’m being a big 'ol buzz killer hating
on it but I still would rather see all that effort going into
something I find more wearable! I understand that my taste is
completely subjective and that some people may really like the look
of the ring, and that’s absolutely fine for them. But even with that,
there is so much of the diamond that won’t be seen when it’s worn
that I really wonder why they would waste all that beautiful diamond
not being seen?! All that extra diamond could be cut into other
beautiful stones and used in other beautiful rings. I’m definitely a
fan of beautiful things, but there’s a line for me that seems to
cross over from beautiful opulence into just pure conspicuous
consumption, and that’s how this ring looks to me. But that really is
just my opinion, and if other people think differently, then that’s
fine for them.

Such a delicious pun is reason enough in my book. More power to 'em.
These are diamonds, not food or antibiotics or something the world
really needs. Blood diamonds aside…


How will I ever live long enough to learn what I need to learn to
be any good? I will just keep working and practicing I guess. 

True words for all of us Joy! It seems like the longer I live and the
more I learn, the more there is to know. It’s not fair… not only am
I not gaining on the train of knowledge, it seems to be fading into
the distance! I comfort myself by remembering what Calvin of Calvin
and Hobbes said…“As far as I’m concerned, if something is so
complicated that you can’t explain it in 10 seconds, then it’s
probably not worth knowing anyway.” : )


I just wonder what is an opinion, and when does it just become
judgement and criticism ?

Definition of opinion:

  1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to
    produce complete certainty. 2.a personal view, attitude, or

What is so hard about supporting the artistic vision behind the work
being done? If you read the mission statement for this forum, this
critical post is not even relevant.

I own a lot of rough gem material and I certainly would not
appreciate someone telling me that I should have used it differently
after I had created something.

No different than if I saw someone make what I thought was an ugly
ring out of gold thinking it should have been made to make something

So what is the value of opinion? My wife does not value mine
sometimes…I don’t take it personal, it is not my problem:)

Richard Hart
Denver, Co.


The making of it is not that difficult with the right tools, I
would assume it is cut by laser. 

Sorry ,no,faceting is not done by laser…Lasers only shape or
separate rough…Or used for drilling … Lasers leave a rough
surface, not a polished flat facet.

Roger D Flanders


I have seen all the talk over the diamond and i dont see but one or
two talk of theobvious. How are you going to size the ring? also more
interesrting is how large was the rough diamond that it came from ?
surely to get a ring that size it would have to come from a known
rough diamond. it is 150 carats so that means most likely it had to
of been a 450 ct or more rough and rough of that size and quality are
generally known to the trade.

so where did the rough come from? and the real most obvious is who in
their right mind is going to wear a $68,000,000 ring? and then who is
going to believe it is a diamond at that? I am sure lasers played a
great part in fashioning the ring but since they are not telling all
about it we will never know.


Gregg Lyell

The greater question is - when will we see a real picture of this?
The video and accompanying picture clearly shows a CAD animation,
not an ACTUAL RING. If I was a betting man, I would put money on “all
hype and no reality”. This is not the kind of item that you cut on
speculation, it would need a cash buyer BEFORE cutting, if only to
decide what exact finger size to make it. It’s not like you can size
it, or take orders for a different size.

Vegas Jewelers

so where did the rough come from? and the real most obvious is who
in their right mind is going to wear a $68,000,000 ring? and then
who is going to believe it is a diamond at that? 

How does anyone in their right mind ask these questions if they are
in the jewelry of gemstone business? Anti-thematic to the nature of
the forum, which I think is to promote skills, knowledge, and support
for all our endeavors.

We (can) work with the most rare and unique materials. We can use
our creativity to design and then use or create equipment or
technology to realize our vision.

There is a very large quartz crystal at G.I.A. that Glenn Lehrer
polished. I do not believe anyone got their undies in a bunch over
that accomplishment. It would have cut thousands of boring little
cabs, but he choose to present it in a form that revealed it’s
excellence in the form it is in.

Why isn’t this true for this?

Price should not really be a concern of anyone other than the person
who can afford it and desires it.

I still believe if you have not seen it, you do not have a clue
about what you are opinioning about.

Richard Hart G.G.
Denver, Co.