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Aliminium/Silver soldering experiment

I have never had cause to solder the two together, still, a
challenge is not to be missed. I was successful in this manner. I
rolled out a piece of sterling silver, 25mmx25mmx1mm thick . Also
the same dimensions for the aliminium. I used a piece of
extruded aliminium , that one buys in hardware stores. For solder
I used Afrox Aliminium Brazing rod. I rolled the rod out to .3mm
thick Then I degreased all the surfaces by sanding them down
with fine water paper. Then I fluxed all the surfaces with
Saffire Aliminium Brazing Flux.[ref. 001/753] I heated the
silver and the ali. up with my jewellers oxy/gas torch, until
the flux “liquidised”. Then I let it air cool. Then I made a
"sandwich" of silver/.3 thick solder/aliminium, and used binding
wire to hold them in place. I heated the piece up from the silver
side just to the point that the solder “puddles” After cooling, I
sawed a cross-section off, and I found the join to be smooth and
bubble free. Overheating causes the solder to eat into the
silver. Both solder and flux are available from Afrox [ a South
African gas supply company] marketed under the brand name
Saffire, quote the ref no.above. I hope this helps,regards to


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