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Hi all I was wondering if anyone could tell me how best to sell 5 Alexandrites that my father left for me. I don’t have a certificate for then as they were bought 35 years ago in Brazil and when he passed I was left with them.

Put an add in “Rock & Gem” magazine, sell on e-bay, why not post pictures here.


Could you send an email w/ photos weights-mm diameters.

Alexandrite is a very valuable stone—in my price guide even a middling alexandrite of half a carat would be valued at $3000/ct. So you might have quite a hoard there. The value of the stones would be dependent on their carat weight, clarity, color and color change primarily, although the cut and finish would play into it, too. Unfortunately, there is synthetic alexandrite produced by three different methods and a simulant made of synthetic corundum. These can be distinguished by their inclusions from natural alexandrite. The colors of the synthetics and simulants are almost too good to be true and the color change is very obvious and pure, so this is a clue, but only a clue. A really wonderful natural would have a similar color change, but most natural alexandrites are going to have a little more natural color and color change. You can see what I mean by looking at various photos which you can pull up on the internet easily. If you suspect that the stones are natural, you would facilitate a sale by having an appraisal from a recognized, credentialed appraiser. This might cost you $300 per stone, but would be worth it in the end. You could probably get an appraiser to give you an idea of whether you actually need an appraisal with a first look at the stones. You cannot rely on the fact that the stones came from Brazil, as synthetics sold as natural is an old game and goes back at least 100 years. If the stones appraise out as fine natural alexandrite, there are dealers who would buy or auction houses who specialize in fine jewelry and gems who would take them for auction and help you decide on a valuation for sale and a reserve price. HTH, royjohn