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Alabaster 950 Palladium Jewelry the Future of Fine white Jewelry

“Palladium Jewelry” has been put on the jewelry scene for some
months now by some of the largest retailers for the consumer. PMWest
of Los Angeles has been working on this material for months for the
benefit of the manufacturing jeweler and custom jeweler. Taking full
advantage of the very latest metallurgical research and
development-Precious Metals West announces availability of this
breakthrough platinum family material for the custom jeweler or
manufacturer. This material that is very similar to Platinum in
appearance is less costly than 14kt gold.

The cost advantage is compelling. At a palladium market of $200, the
cost for an ounce of casting/rolling grain is only about $235, or
$11.75 per dwt, or just $7.55 per gram. This amounts to far less
than platinum and is in fact a bit less than even 14kt white gold.
The ease of use will save considerable labor costs as compared to
white gold.

Alabaster 950Pd appears much like platinum.

A few technical points about PMWest=92s Alabaster 950Pd grain.

Our Alabaster 950Palladium responds well to lost wax casting, bar
pours and rolling or drawing processes and in fact fabricates
easily. Solders are available and work well. Wire and sizing stock is
available on order with a short delay. We now have 95% Palladium
grain and solders for immediate shipment.

It flows for casting at 1350 degrees Celsius or about 2400
Fahrenheit. The flow point is high enough that we do recommend using
crucibles and investments designed for platinum rather than gold.
This temperature is well below that of platinum. The white color is
much like platinum and a whole level whiter than any 14kt white gold
available today. Rhodium is not needed! All the great color with
none of the drawbacks.

Because it is so “bench friendly” stones are easily set safe and
secure. Sizing is straightforward. Alabaster 950Pd can be work or
age hardened. We have a variety of formulas each adjusted for
particular manufacturing processes. All finishes can be applied
easily. 950Pd is very durable when worn daily. 950Pd is non
allergenic. Body jewelry makers take note.

As with all of our breakthrough materials we have full instructions
and technical support available. Alabaster 950 Palladium will
resolve the challenges presented by the modern white jewelry
aficionado. PMWest can be reached via postal mail or contact Daniel
Ballard at 800-999-7528 or Watch for
more to be released soon!

Daniel Ballard