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Akshaya Tritiya


Akshaya Tritiya

An important day for Hindus. Especially womenJ Guess why?

Its another excuse to buy gold.

‘Akshaya’ means never depleting. There is a belief that if you start
anything good on this day it will grow manifold. So this is the day
where all new ventures are started.

This day generally falls at the end of April or early may.

But jewellers use this day to market their gold. You should see the
shops filled with people wanting to buy gold. 15 years before I never
knew such thing existed. There was no marketing of this day’s
significance. But when jewellers used this to market their metals, it
became popular.

On this day, women buy at least a gram of gold. Some times there are
advanced bookings!

The shops open early morning and go on till late night. Usually here
jewellery shops close by 7or 8 p. m.

People at least buy silver if they cant afford gold.

And there is another interesting buying pattern in women(in our
state atleast). One of the jeweller told me and I always think of it.

When the gold price increases people rush to the shops to buy it,
for fear that it might increase more. But when the price is dropping
they wait thinking that it will reduce moreJ Interesting logic is it

Kavitha Balakrishnan.