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Air trapped air wax mold


I’ve been experiencing problems with trapped air in the mold during
wax injection. I’m using silicone to make my molds. I’ve tried to
cut some vents and applied talcum in them to allow air to escape,
but it is not working. Even doing that I’ve still got some regions
not filled thoroughly in the model. Maybe I have cut vents in a
wrong way. How is the correct way to cut or form mold vents? Is it
possible to send me some mold pictures showing some examples of mold

I would really appreciate that.

Alfredo B. Gattai.
S=E3o Paulo - Brazil.

The dusting with powder of the vents is the correct approach. Be
sure to lead the vent cut to the outside of the mold for proper
release. Check to see if the nipple on your wax pot is mating
properly with the mold button. Some other things that you may want to
check is whether your wax in the pot is trapping air or moisture.