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Air safety regulations

I am working in a shop in Indianapolis, Indiana as an administrator
that has no ventilation at all! I have been there since last March
and they have been working on remodeling, but at this point, all
polishing compound is going into the air. I’ve had severe headaches
and either bronchitis or pneumonia last year and was admitted to the
hospital with acute pneumonia on Christmas Day. It’s been 2 weeks
and I’m much better but I’m afraid of going back into that
environment. Can you tell me where I can find out what regulations
and responsibilities they have to maintain air safety in the shop?

Thank you,

Julie Sweigart

Hi Julie -

Here’s the Web site for Indiana Occupational Safety and Health

The first sentence says “The Indiana Occupational Safety and Health
Division(IOSHA) is dedicated to ensuring Hoosier workplace safety
and health.”

They might be very interested in helping you.


Try OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Admin. There is a federal
OSHA, or your state may have its own like California. Your doctor can
test you for heavy metals exposure, with blood tests.

Daniel Ballard
Precious Metals West