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Ahmed in Sri Lanka

I wanted to take a moment to share the wonderful experience my
husband had in Sri Lanka courtesy of orchid member Ahmed Shareek.
Some months ago I inquired about a reputable stone dealer in Sri
Lanka - immediately I received 5 or more orchid responses - sort of
like a Greek chorus - saying Ahmed Shareek. I was familiar with his
name from the list but didn’t realize he was in Sri Lanka. I had
anticipated my husband would be traveling to Sri Lanka in April - it
was cancelled. Meanwhile I purchased some stones via the internet
from Ahmed and was very happy with them. My husband finally went in
August and just returned - it was a State Dept. trip unrelated to
gems and jewelry but at Ahmed’s invitation, he called Ahmed and was
given the royal treatment - he took him shopping, showed him around,
introduced him to restaurants, gem and antique jewelry dealers, etc

  • it was absolutely wonderful!! Ahmed was extremely generous with
    him time and and of course, I am happy because I am now
    the proud owner of some new gems and some antique jewelry - Thank
    you, thank you, thank you!!

Ahmed invited people to visit him in Sri Lanka - I highly recommend
it, and him, if you can possibly go.

For those who cannot make the trip to Sri Lanka, Ahmed has been
coming to the US in February for the Tucson show. He has then made a
stop or two before returning home.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Ahmed a couple of times, we share
the same birthday, June 8th although quite a few years apart. This
wonderful kind gentleman sent me a card this year and I am shamed to
say I did not. So here to Ahmed Shareek, a belated Happy Birthday.